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Owners and FBO: both PA28-161 N29222, and C150 N10246 take 100W+ oil, or 100W as an alternate.
Tire pressure, 25psi on the mains, and 30psi for the nosewheel.

    6/18/2012    Piper Warrior II (PA28-161) N29222 is successfully flown down from Breakaway Airpark (40XS) to San Marcos (KHYI).  Thanks to Montana Stanley for checking out both Sam and Roland in the plane.  It took a short time to get a good feel for takeoff and landing with Montana's CFI experience.
    6/26/2012    A little more than a week later, Tri County Aviation purchased its second airplane, a Cessna 150 N10246.  Arguably one of the more homely aircraft on the tarmac, it nevertheless flies well and we'll be working on stripping and re-painting it soon (well, after it cools down some), if for no other reason than to get a few extra knots out of it on each flight.  N10246 has flip-flop LED radios and is actually IFR certified, however it has no glide slope.  The controls are remarkably responsive with no "looseness" in the yoke, and the engine runs smoothly so the prop must be fairly well balanced.
    Other upcoming releases:
        hours logs set up - fuel credits and policy
        weight and balances in place
        LLC established - rules and bylaws in place

Tri County Aviation

April 11th, 2013 - currently we are updating the console 4-way plug-in for the Warrior to include a better power source, as well as USB charging stations available throughout the plane (so a passenger can work on their iPad during the flight, or the pilot can be sure his iPhone/iPad are charged.  Our Cessna 150,  N10246, will be out of annual by Tuesday the 16th and our next step will be stripping and painting it, and restoring the upholstery. and carpeting inside.